2008 duramax catalytic converter scrap price

2008 duramax catalytic converter scrap price Order online today! Direct OEM replacement for your malfunctioning exhaust part Made to deliver the ultimate in quality, reliability, and value. AutoZone offers a premium selection of auto parts, including the best catalytic converters for Chevy Silverado 1500 at low prices. Free shipping to any US zip code. Quick View. 40: Cu #1: $3. Walker Ultra Catalytic Converter - Direct Fit (Part# 15000 - 49999) (3) 4. 0L V8 FLEX OHV (Fits: Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD) $636. Scrap catalytic converters are the small and large pieces of metal that have been removed from a catalytic converter during the manufacturing process. LOCATE NUMBERS. #2 · Dec 28, 2013. A catalytic converter, called a "cat" for short, is an important part of every modern car with a gasoline-burning engine. 30: Cu #2: $3. Ship fast and save more on MoparPartsGiant. 1. 6L LML GM Duramax at Diesel Power Products 888. Duramax 6. Sep 03, 2021 · Diesel catalytic converters come from diesel engines. 6L NOx Adsorder Catalytic Converter. . It is being sold for scrap only. 10: Dirty Harness: $1. A site that I was going to sell to said, "the price is based on what the market price is for the day. Exotic Used Catalytic Converter . 6L Diesel Particulate Filter. Not to say that no other one's get stolen, but they are mostly after the Toyota's. A lot of times the diesel engine cats are not worth too much money due to the lack of precious metals inside like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 2pcs Left&Right Catalytic Converter for Infiniti G35 3. 95: Romex Sep 09, 2021 · Large GM Catalytic converters come off of…you guessed it, GM vehicles. Catalytic converters are one of the most important parts of a car's emissions control system. The catalytic converter's purpose is to change hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides in vehicle emissions into the harml. Walker® Ultra (Direct Fit) Catalytic Converter is designed for 1996 and newer vehicles (OBDII) View Details. $726. 2008 Duramax 6. Get the best deals for an aftermarket 2008 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Catalytic Converter replacement. Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices – Here is a list with current catalytic converter prices 01/04/2021 06/04/2021 Below you can find a list with most common catalytic converters from Volkswagen Golf Mk4, Polo 9N, Lupo, Skoda Octavia 1, Fabia, Seat Ibiza, Audi A4, Ford Ka, Focus, Fiesta . 25: Iorny Aluminum: $0. 7 diesel wire or foil converter recycling price: $100: dodge cummins 6. GMC Sierra 2008, OEM Grade Catalytic Converter by MagnaFlow®. Well if it helps you find out what its worth I have talked to a few people that have sold a couple lower mileage systems and they get $1000-1200 for them, I currently have a system for sale with 1k miles on it asking $1200 for it. If you have 5 or more scrap catalytic converters or a dpf system from '07 1/2 and newer pickup save them and email for pricing. He drives up and down the west coast buying cats, dpfs, and scrap steel to recycle. Sep 19, 2014 · Joined Dec 11, 2012. 6 LML Duramax #12644768 Only + 1 Year Unlimited Mileage. 6L Duramax LBZ with the Magnaflow 60502 Federal Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter. 68 More info Free shipping. 4 Powerstroke 2011 + Ford 6 . Western Catalytic Converter Scrap. You can then ship us yours in the mail. Text or email us pictures of your scrap catalytic converters for an accurate price. AP Exhaust® Direct Fit Catalytic Converter and Pipe Assembly. A mechanic can help you identify the problem; however, you can also zero in on the issue if you are familiar with the signs of a bad catalytic converter. 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Catalytic Converter - from $252. com or upload pictures of your parts to our Quote System. With a plugged converter, pressing on the accelerator does not increase the speed A failed catalytic converter affects engine performance and fuel economy. 00 USD Shop Now. 6L LML Diesel Particulate Filter. Precise grading! Persistent and fair payouts! Selling in person: Selling throughout DFW, please contact us for a location near you. Buy a new Catalytic Converter and recycle your OEM Catalytic Converter to receive a refund up to $75. Types of Vehicles with Large GM Catalytic . Why are catalytic converters being stolen? They're a popular target for thieves looking to make a quick buck. #6 · Sep 19, 2014. Without Air Tube. Subaru catalytic converter scrap value by two different models. Magnaflow 60502 Federal Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter $ 958. Sell used catalytic converters for more profits by following the 2 simple steps in this article and get $10,000's more for your scrap catalytic converters. 10: Dirty Cu/Al Fin: $1. Brand New. Catalytic Converter for 2011-2014 GMC Sierra 2500 HD 6. 5L 2007 2008 EPA Approved at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Feb 24, 2021 · Scrap Catalytic Converter Price Guide. 7L Cummins 3 piece system 1 piece attached 2 piece urea . Replacing a converter yourself is possible but can involve removing bolts and the O2 sensor. With a plu. Below are some of the types of catalytic converter with their approximate value in $ Small Foreign Cat -82$-97$ each. Feb 21, 2012 · scrap value of catalytic converters I just removed the 23 year old one from my car. Apr 21, 2014 · What you just discovered isn’t a plain Jane catalytic converter, but a unit that contains both a muffler and a catalytic converter, so it reduces both sound and emissions. Sep 02, 2021 · Get the current National Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices from RRCats instantly online. 6. $60 to $80 dollars, Medium Foreign Catalytic Converter . Platinum: $986 per ounce Palladium: $620 per ounce Rhodium: $800 per ounce You’ll often find a scrap car price that includes catalytic converter recycling may add $125 or more to the overall price of the junk vehicle. Get help enabling JavaScript. " Sale it on CL or see if a local diesel shop is willing to buy it for a fair price. The newer systems on the Cummins 6. Lawmakers in 18 states , including Minnesota, have proposed legislation to restrict the sale of catalytic converters. A failed catalytic converter affects engine performance and fuel economy. com in 2008 to help recyclers identify and avoid purchasing stolen material in their area. Converter Configuration: Direct Fit. Magnaflow 60501 Federal Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter $ 979. Shop OEM Dodge Catalytic Converters at wholesale prices. Check out the deal on Factory OEM Catalytic Converter 11-13 6. dodge cummins 6. Aug 30, 2021 · Scrap Prices #1 Insulated: $1. Feb 17, 2021 · ISRI launched ScrapTheftAlert. 99+ | AutoZone. Other Name: Converter Assy-Catalyst ; Three Way Catalyst; Catalytic Converter, Pre-ConverterReplaces: 208A1-EA200, 208A3-EA20A, 208A3-EA20B, 208A3-EA200 Your Price: $ 613. Replace the aging exhaust components in your 2006 GM 6. Don't even take them to your local scrapyard- traditional grading methods for common scrap do not apply to catalytic converters. 80: Bare Bright Cu: $3. $60 to $80 dollars. In just the past couple weeks, users have posted more than a dozen alerts on the site related to catalytic converter thefts across the country. $40 to $60 dollars. . They have some sort of expensive metal in them. MagnaFlow® OEM Grade Direct Fit Catalytic Converter. If you have 10 or more catalytic converters, we will give you our Platinum Customer Prices! Simply send us a message before getting started with the process. 7L V8 Catalytic Converter , SEE NOTES $299. 00: Brass Irony: $1. Mar 22, 2021 · Linders said a single catalytic converter can fetch up to $300 at a scrap yard. 00: Clean Brass Rads: $1. A shell made of a weaker meta. They have a scrap value that is determined by the process used when they are destroyed. Are catalytic converters (or factory exhaust) worth any thing? . I was told around $200 or more. Sep 16, 2009 · You shouldn't have much to worry about, as the ones the thieves are after are older Toyota catalytic converters. We pay competitive price for your scrap catalytic converters and DPF systems. 6l lml diesel particulate filter 12644768 – $25. DIESEL EARN 2% CREDIT ON EVERY ORDER BY CREATING AN ACCOUNT. 12598442 – $. Below are some of the types of catalytic converter with their approximate value in $ Small Foreign Cat -82$-97$ each Medium Foreign Cat- 105$-130$. Ford Ranger 1995-1997 Catalytic Converter V6. I see ads on craigslist to buy just the DPF's for $750. Get the boost in power that you need. Oct 04, 2017 · The next level in buying scrap catalytic converters has arrived! Welcome to our 4th edition of Scrap Catalytic Converter Guide,: Code 5K. Oh, and $3,500 is a huge rip-off. The intention is to allow the outer shell many more years of life than an aluminum metal shell. This is where to recycle catalytic converters for the Top Price prices Paid Nationwide. 1996-1999 Chevrolet C1500 and K1500 5. ·. Here's what you need to know. com and receive a free pair of MagnaFlow x Heat Wave Sunglasses. 6l nox catalytic converter Nov 06, 2020 · On average, there are between 3-7 grams of platinum group metals in a standard catalytic converter, but the amount varies based on manufacturer and model. 35: Clean Aluminum: $0. Home Tools, Gear & Equipment Tools & Supplies Automotive Tools & Supplies If you start your car and . MagnaFlow 3"IN/OUT DIESEL CATALYTIC CONVERTER FOR FORD F250/350 SUPERDUTY #52297. 00 : uncategorized - —dpf dpf duramax 6. These cats have to be full of material to be bought as large GM’s and should not be rattling or loose inside. 3 reviews. Mar 3, 2021 . 64. C $1,309. 80: Dirty Aluminum Rads: $0. 3 out of 5 stars. Similar in size and shape to an exhaust muffler, a catalytic converter is attached directly to a vehicle's exhaust system. What follows. 4L Power Stroke Diesel - scrap yard prices on exhaust - just curious if anyone has ever sold a catalytic converter or dpf filter for scrap . We will provide a quick quote and quick payment for scrap catalytic converters. Dec 21, 2013 · 16,262 Posts. On Feb. com DA: 24 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 82. 00 USD $599. Walker Standard Catalytic Converter - Direct Fit. The main problem that occurs when removing a . If your car needs replacement, install one that will get you through the smog check. Catalytic Converter Fits 2011-2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 6. 85: Clean Cu/Al Fin: $1. 40: Clean Harness: $1. A catalytic converter is an exhaust emissions device used to lower a vehicle's exhaust emissions output. $90 to $120 dollars, Large Foreign . 21. Advertisement By: Karim Nice & Charles W. We purchase catalytic converters scrap for scrap catalytic converter, we pay top dollars for . Knowing how scrap prices are changing and determined is important to make money on scrap metal. Our catalytic converters can help you pass these tests. To get a quote, email us at customerservice@dpfrecycler. 15: mixed Wire: $0. Aug 14, 2021 . Here are the average prices to consider, but always check of the current spot price. Scrap Catalytic Converters A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is located in the exhaust system of . Duramax DPF Filter Diesel Particulate 6. Higher Quality Domestic converters . dpf duramax 6. Sound. 2006 Chevrolet 2500HD Duramax CCSB LT3 - MBRP Downpipe, MBRP 4" exhaust, Edge CTS and Pyro, Leveled Tow Mirrors, WeatherTechs, B&W Turnover Ball, Curt Class V, Prodigy P2, De-badged . com/ - We walk you through the various types of catalytic converters you can sell to RRcats. 70 #2 Insulated: $0. Jan 20, 2021 · Catalytic converter recycling can be even more profitable than you thought. 00: Cu Sheet: $1. $90 to $120 dollars. TEXT FOR PRICE QUOTE. Top Rated Seller. Buy with confidence. Contact us today with pic. This converter is part of the. MagnaFlow Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters are designed for easy bolt-on installation for the Professional Installer. Thus seeing the scrap prices really start to flourish since many of these vehicles have been on the road since 2010 and so on. Ford Powerstroke Scrap DPF System Recycling Prices . Other '07 and up diesels can pay even higher! If you ship the converter I'll even cover the Paypal fees so you actually clear $200 into your account. 00 price tag. Servicetutorials. Click to visit. According to data from 2020, the most expensive catalytic converter belonged to the Ferrari F430, with a mind-popping $3,770. 14, Mills posted an update on the ScrapTheftAlert. 0L V8 GAS OH (Fits: Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Classic) $687. 00 - $1,216. compare the prices to the last 12 months of pricing, or even 5 years and you can see where the metals markets are and where the prices could be. 85 - $121. Most motorists view catalytic converters as a mixed blessing. Power. Payment Methods: Cash, Company Check, Cashiers Check, Bank Money Order, PayPal, Walmart 2 Walmart and Zelle. from United States. Mercedes Benz • All scrap catalytic converters. I can pay YOU $100 each for the converter and DPF from your Duramax. 9L models consisted of a single catalytic converter. Electric plug-in cars don't have catalytic converters because they don't produce exhaust gases, but hybrids still have. (3) 4. Learn about catalytic converters and catalytic converter laws. Whether you want to upgrade your converter, or you are in desperate need of a new one, AmericanTrucks carries a wide selection of Silverado 1500 Catalytic Converters. $284. of the guys stealing them when metal prices were sky high!! just kidding . 50: Brass: $2. --- GET A QUOTE --- https://RRcats. 2007. $40 to $60 dollars, Higher Quality Domestic converters . In addition to more horsepower, one of big differences was revamping the entire exhaust and emission system to more effectively eliminate harmful pollutants. How To Sell Catalytic Converter? Watch two primary markets, palladium and platinum. These are the two largest indicators for the market and how the recovery for catalytic converters will happen down the road…. Jan 19, 2021 · Advice on Cashing Catalytic Converters In. Mar 23, 2015 · I got $300 for stock LMM exhaust from a scrap dealer who responded to my CL add. Keep things clean and earn some green. - Canada base wholesale buyers of scrap catalytic converters from anywhere with Honest grading cash payment of USA$ and CND$ on the spot! We purchase scrap catalytic converters with top market price from small, large and medium-sized scrap metal companies, as well as converter buyers/collectors. 0L 2008, Catalytic Converter and Pipe Assembly by AP Exhaust®. 25: Electric motors (lb) $0. Jan 19, 2021 . This was the case with early pellet-based catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is a device used in many mod. Jul 1, 2013 . Depending on thе year оf production, a car is equipped with two types оf a catalyst: Subaru catalytic converter with charcoal filter elements. Theyre worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. 5 + Duramax 2008-2010 Ford 6. Western Catalytic Converter Scrap | We are buyers of discarded Scrap Catalytic Converters, DPF Systems, Diesel Injection Parts & Pumps! Sep 8, 2009 . These are the two largest indicators for the market and how the recovery for catalytic converters will happen. Results 1 - 24 of 64 . Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Catalytic Converter from AutoZone. Bryant | Updated: Feb 11, 2021 There are . 99 You Save : $150. 55. Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices – Here is a list with . Used 98 chevy silverado catalytic converter sold eBay prices are $118. 6L Duramax LB7 and LLY. MagnaFlow Exhaust, Mufflers & Cat Converters - Quality. The catalytic converter in a car or truck decreases the amount of air toxins emitted from the engine. Global Metals and Iron Inc. 6L 2500-3500 OEM Catalytic converter GMC Chevy . $190 to $220 dollars. Spend $400+ on MagnaFlow. Medium Foreign Catalytic Converter . Magnaflow Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters are designed for an easy installation for the professional installer. 2,534 Posts. By simply entering a part number in the “SCRAP CONVERTER PRICE GUIDE”, users with the password will have FREE . 69 (35%) List Price : 435. $105. 99. 77 Federal Autocat Recycling is a cutting edge catalytic converter recycler company driven by personnel with more than 75 years combined experience in PGM scrap recycling. Large Foreign Catalytic Converter . # 61588733. 0L V8 FLEX OHV (Fits: GMC Sierra 2500 HD) $1,027. *all payment quotes will be honored for 24 hours. The emission device on the earlier 5. 0. Sometimes these units are installed as original equipment on buses and trucks and sometimes they are aftermarket items that are added later on. ∙FOR QUICKEST REPLY INCLUDE YOUR NAME, PHONE NUMBER AND CITY OR TOWN ∙TOP DOLLAR PAID WITH OUR UP TO THE MINUTE FACTORY DIRECT PRICING Dodge Eco Diesel, 6. This is despite the fact that . Free shipping. 7 diesel combo converter recycling price: $260: chevrolet gmc duramax diesel converter recycling price front cat: $210: 2508 chevrolet gmc duramax diesel dpf recycling price: $270: 3221 chevrolet gmc duramax diesel dpf recycling price: $120 Jun 06, 2021 · Thus seeing the scrap prices really start to flourish since many of these vehicles have been on the road since 2010 and so on. It is not unusual to have catalytic converter problems. It's not easy to diagnose without a mechanic, but numerous symptoms can point to a bad catalytic converter. Backed by Mopar's warranty, Catalytic Converters restore factory performance. Up for sale is a 2pound 5ounce bag of used materials out of an OEM catalytic converter. It's rusted completely into the muffler and the cross over, I may or may not be able to seperate the pieces, but nonetheless, a friend told me people buy old cats to salvage the rare metals that are inside of them. 12623221 – $. View Details. 89 shipping estimate. +C $131. 125. 7L models are a bit more complex. 20: Dirty Brass Rads: $1. For the most optimal experience please enable JavaScript and refresh your browser. # 3804027993. Catalytic Converter Fits 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Classic 6. $120 to $150 dollars. Scrap My Car. 32. Knowing how scrap catalytic converter prices . com. com homepage. Diesel Catalytic Converter Scrap Value search trends: Gallery I had been looking at price prices worth for years You may want to see this photo of prices worth dodge Worth dodge buyers perfect images are great Elegant dodge buyers engine photographs taken this month Short article about buyers engine need Davico’s line of OE replacement catalytic converters is specifically designed to work like the original unit that came installed on your vehicle, delivering solid performance and an exact fi. Medium Foreign Cat- 105$-130$ Large Foreign Cat-117$-250$ Foreign pre cat-32$-45$ Domestic cat-51$-62$ Regular Domestic catalytic converters . The Magnaflow 60501 Federal Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter is a direct replacement for your 2001-2005 GM 6. For the past 6 years we have been delivering hard to access information that many scrap catalytic converter dealers have kept under wraps and hidden from the average converter buying community. 00. 5 + Dodge Cummins 2007. Mechanics charge for parts and labor, and replacing a catalytic converter can take up to an hour or more. 12602508 – $. GMC Sierra 2500 6. Some of these cats are not always easy to identify, so be sure to send us a few pictures so we can take a look. The free “PGM SCRAP CONVERTER PRICE GUIDE” allows you to navigate 1,000’s of part numbers as well as access the value and price of converters listed on our PGM RECOVERY SYSTEMS website. (469) 778-8807 . If the converter has gone bad, or if you would just like to remove it, you may have trouble. 47 Retail Price: $ 837. In such a catalyst, in its metal case, a special filter element is mounted, in which thick and heavy vapors, resins and harmful gаses . or Best Offer. Get Yours Today! Sep 05, 2021 · Catalytic Converter Scrap Price For 2021. 6l lml nox catalytic converter 12617338 – $125 12643661 – $125. Fast shipping with low price guarantee. To remove a catalytic converter is a complicated job and before you begin, you need to make sure that it is well within your reach and that you have all have the required tools available. They improve air quality by reducing tailpipe emissions, but they also add back-pressure that handicaps performance. Almost all catalytic converters manufactured by the automotive industry are placed inside a stainless steel shell. Watch two primary markets, platinum, and palladium. 2008 duramax catalytic converter scrap price

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